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At the start of 2020 Paul Oz was invited to host his own radio show on Japanese Radio – FM GOJO. This quickly morphed into The Paul Oz Show which now broadcasts across three Japanese stations – FM GOJO – FM NARA – FM MIKI. 

The thirty- minute show is a quick paced variety show starring Paul Oz. It focuses on music and has an array of weekly special guests – some of Japan’s finest musicians and songwriters have appeared on The Paul Oz Show including … 

Ohguro Maki – Taira Riku – Shonen Knife – Shinji Harada –Kuniko Fukushima and many more…


The show is a mix of English and Japanese.

Paul Oz with Maki Ohguro and Taira Riku
The Paul Oz Show
Paul Oz presenting his radio show
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