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ポール ギター 弾く

Paul Oz comes from Brisbane, Australia. He is a respected music teacher and singer/songwriter.

Paul has been teaching music and performing for over twenty years in Australia and shares a passion for both. Paul has obtained national radio play, along with having some of his original music used in film and documentaries throughout Australia and overseas.


In 2016 Paul found himself visiting Japan, which turned out to be a major turning point, not only in his life, but with his career.


In September 2018, Paul Oz completed a successful promotional tour of Japan, which included Osaka, Tokyo, Shizuoka, and other places across Japan. Paul was invited onto Osaka’s number one radio station - FM Cocolo for an interview and had his original song “Osaka Eyes” played for the first time on Japanese mainstream radio.


In 2020 Paul has been busy writing and recording his first official album which is set to be released in Japan later in the year.

Paul Oz performing in Japan
Paul Oz performance shot
Paul Oz and fellow musicians
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